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Our newest custom software allows us to complete most quotes in a matter of minutes. In many cases we can have a quote faxed to your office almost immediately.

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Company History
Pacific Pneumatics, Inc.


      Pacific Pneumatics was established in 1959 by Mark W. Royston operating as a manufacturer's representative in Southern California.  Mark had been employed by Sutorbilt Corp. as a sales engineer and western regional sales manager for 5 years where he had already built a strong reputation based on his character and knowledge.
      The new company's product lines were tailored to the air handling industry with the main product line being Sutorbilt positive displacement blowers.  Compressors, fans, silencers and dust collectors completed the lines.


      During the 1960's two product lines were developed by Pacific Pneumatics - Powair™ Powder Pumps and Pore Poly Porous Polyethylene Filters.  During this time Pacific Pneumatics' engineering expertise and ability to solve application problems resulted in many satisfied repeat customers. 
      Pneumatic conveying (the transportation of dry bulk products such as flour and plastic pellets through a pipe line) has been one of the major uses for positive displacement blowers and one in which Pacific Pneumatics has developed much engineering expertise.
      By 1986 Pacific Pneumatics had sold over 20,000 positive displacement blowers.


      In the late 80's a new application for blowers was "soil remediation."  Environmental Protection Agencies realized the need for soil remediation in areas where volatile materials were present in the soil.  This application quickly became an important part of Pacific Pneumatics.


    In the  1990's Pacific Pneumatics introduced two new products: Silencer Plus™ and Field Reporter™.

Also in the 90's much effort was put into computerizing application engineering.  This computerization is state of the art in the blower industry today and has helped countless customers in assessing their needs and making informed decisions.

NewOur newest custom software allows us to complete most quotes in a matter of minutes. In many cases we can have a quote faxed to your office almost immediately.


    In May of 1995 Mark Royston retired and handed over the reins of the company to his two oldest sons, Jim and Joe, who had grown up in the business.  Their combined education and experience in engineering and business has brought to the company many advantages.  Their focus is still on serving their customers in the most efficient and helpful manner possible.

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Pacific Pneumatics, Inc.

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