We provide pneumatic conveying equipment (blowers, silencers, packages) and expertise for many applications.

Environmental Applications
Pneumatic Conveying

Vapor Extraction
Field Reporter - remote monitoring
Moisture Removal Systems
Dust Collectors & Filters
Blower Packages
Powder Pumps

Pacific Pneumatics, Inc.

The positive displacement blower has been an accepted solution for industrial applications since its invention by the Roots brothers in the mid-1800s.  One of the earliest applications was the supplying of air as cupola blowers in foundries for the melting of cast iron.  Its constant volume - variable pressure features makes it one which tends to fit itself to the application.  Equally adept as a pressure blower or a vacuum exhauster it can solve the applications listed below and many more we haven't even considered.
    Pacific Pneumatics' knowledge in how the blower and the Laws of Physics fit the application makes us the company to select for your Industrial Applications solutions.

Air Drying
Air Knives
Air Bearings
Process Air
Vacuum Cleaning
Gas Boosting
Gas Gathering
Fruit Aeration & Agitation
Vacuum Hold Down
Air for Aquariums
Atmospheric Drying
Plating Agitating
Air for Combustion
Pneumatic Conveying
(So large it has a page of its own!)
Air Filtration
Dust Removal and Collection
Air Activated Gravity Conveying
Air Sorting

If you have an application that might be solved by air, click on  Request More Information and give us the details.

Pacific Pneumatics, Inc.
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