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Historically, Sutorbilt and Duroflow have raised prices annually on June first.  In years past the increase has averaged 3%.  If your business is impacted by blower prices, you might want to keep this date in mind.  Also, Roots typically has a price increase in November.

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Youngest Royston brother Pete is the computer genius of the family.  His company, Royston Development,
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develops custom and standard computer software for Industry and online services.  Check out his web site and see what he has to offer for you.

Fun PPI InstallationsFalling Chicken
If you can't get a grip on it mechanically, turn to air for your solution.  And this process leads to some WILD applications for blowers..... 
A more memorable one was chicken conveying, live ones - not dead ones!  A Texas inventor had developed such a unit and sold it to a chicken grower in Fresno.  We were called in to help solve some of the operating problems that ensued as the unit was put through its "pre flight" trials.
    The application involved locating the conveyor outside the chicken coops along side the transporting truck.  A large hose was run into the coops and the idea was to drop the chickens into the hose and air convey them to a receiving unit.  As the chickens entered the top of the receiver, they extended their wings to float down to the bottom, only to be dropped through a trap door and receive a "goose" from the discharge of the blower, which propelled them into the waiting truck.
    While this application was successful in general, the trap door discharge was a bottleneck that was insurmountable in achieving the desired conveying rate, and the application became one that was interesting only in its telling.  We were just as glad, as the chicken coop environment and the 2 AM loading schedule made for uninviting service calls!



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