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Environmental Applications - waste water treatment, soil remediation
Industrial Applications
Products - Blowers, Silencers, pneumatic conveying, air moving equipment

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Conveying Systems
Pacific Pneumatics, Inc.

Pneumatic conveying (the transfer of dry bulk products such as flour and plastic pellets through a pipe line) has been one of the major uses for positive displacement blowers and one in which Pacific Pneumatics has developed much engineering expertise.

The products listed below give some idea as to the components we can supply for a well engineered system.

  • Vacuum & Pressure Blower Packages
  • Blower & Exhauster Packages
  • Filter Receivers
  • Air Activated Gravity conveyors
  • Aerated Bin Discharges
  • Fabricated Components & Adapters
  • Scaling Systems
  • Control Panels (UL Labeled)
  • Engineered Purchasing of Airlocks, Diverter Valves, Scale Valves, etc.
  • Air-to-Air Coolers
  • Pulse Cleaning Bag Type for Bin Vents/Filter Receivers
  • Airlock Packages
  • Pressure Pots
  • Scaling Systems
  • Air Pads
  • Control Panels (UL Approved)
  • Dust Hoods
  • Bag Dump Hoppers
  • Bin Vents
  • Powder Pumps

A Short History of Pneumatic Conveying

The modern era of pneumatic conveying in America began with the repeal of prohibition.  The demand for beer resulted in the building of new breweries.  New breweries brought a need for improved methods of handling its ingredients.  Europe had begun to utilize pneumatic conveying because of its versatility as it went into the post World War I era and that expertise was soon being used to put in grain handling systems for breweries in the US.  Long distance cement conveying for the building of the major dam projects in the 30's was made possible with the design of the Fuller-Kenyon cement pump.  Other products such as copra and cotton oil mill products and by products were soon being handled through pipelines.  After World War II, other industries began the rebuilding of their plants and flour mills and bakeries were automated during the 50s.  The next decade saw the plastic manufacturers and molders utilize air as their method of modernizing their handling of plastics. 
      Pacific Pneumatics, beginning in 1959, worked in all of these and other industries to apply the positive displacement blower to pneumatic conveying.  Since the P.D. Blower was the heart of these systems, many service calls were made to analyze why a system wasn't working.  Knowledge learned from this work led Pacific Pneumatics to a position that, while they did not manufacture complete systems, they could select and design systems of all types.  Most of the companies in the industry concentrated on conveying a limited number of materials.
      Today this knowledge is available to customers who need help in the design and selection of equipment that is best suited to a particular application.  We can select the best manufacturer of various components so that a system is available that fits the customers needs.  In many cases, we will refer the customer to a company that specializes in the handling of  particular product, if the customer's needs are best served by someone else.

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