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Pacific Pneumatics has been providing custom blower packages to Industry since 1959.

Blower Packages
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  Pacific Pneumatics has been providing custom blower packages to Industry since 1959.  While most started out as custom packages to fit particular applications, standardized packaging arrangement have evolved.  It is recommended that customers review our schematic of the various packages available and pick the one best suited to their requirements.
    The positive displacement blower is noted for its ablity to solve wide ranging application requirements.  However, a positive displacement blower package does generate a certain level of noise.  To make the positive displacement blower more acceptable in noise sensitive areas, and reduce the need for bulky enclosures, Pacific Pneumatics has developed the SilencerPlus™ blower package.  The blower package and accessories are compactly mounted and arranged so that added, if needed, at a later date. This system will reduce noise emanations from the unit by a minimum of 10 dba.  This package  is extremely beneficial for those applications either close to residential housing areas or commercial business parks and golf courses.
    Standard accessories, such as intake filters, intake and discharge silencers, relief valves, and belt drives are computer selected to assure that all components are selected according to the restrictions of the component manufacturer.
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Fruit Agitation Blower
Fruit Agitation Blower Package

Waste Water Treatment Plant
Waste Water Treatment Plant


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